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Disability Hiring

Empowering Individuals with Disabilities

Whether you’re in our plants, distribution centers, stores, or on the road, we want you to showcase your best skills! We believe evaluations should be based on merits and performance, so you can grow your career with us in ways that are unique to you.


PepsiCo’s disability-focused employee resource group (ERG), called EnAble, is one of manyDiversity and Inclusion Networks that promote a workplace culture where employees have an equal opportunity to contribute and succeed. We use the term “different abilities” to evoke a sense of inclusion and recognize the broad spectrum of value that varying abilities bring to our company. EnAble provides resources for associates with different abilities, as well as those that care for them.This can include technology-based productivity tools,education, and more. Through volunteerism and community fundraising events, EnAble raises awareness of the needs of persons with different abilities and the value they bring to PepsiCo and our communities.

Requesting an Accommodation

The application process is designed for candidates to demonstrate their skills and share their past work experiences with us. On some occasions, candidates may require an accommodation in order to do this. All candidates in consideration for roles can request accommodations throughout the application process. To request an accommodation, please email or call (888) 319-0631.

  1. What is a reasonable accommodation?
    1. A reasonable accommodation includes any adjustment or change to the hiring process, position, or work environment that will enable a person with a disability to perform the essential responsibilities of the job without an undue hardship
  2. How to ask for an accommodation
    1. To request an accommodation, please email or call (888) 319-0631
    2. Please provide your first and last name, phone number, position for which you are interested in applying, and the type of accommodation you are requesting.
    3. Please be advised that professional medical documentation of the accommodation requested may be required
  3. What are some example accommodations?
    1. Below are just a few examples for reasonable accommodations to the application process. We encourage you to request an accommodation to allow you to demonstrate your skills and share your past experiences.
      1. Extended interview time
      2. Sign language interpreter
      3. CART Services
      4. Assistive technology such as a screen reader or braille keyboard
      5. Longer breaks between interviews